Brightpik Premium Flameless Candles – Set of 20 LED Battery Operated Votive Tea Lights – Red Glitter


  • Best Votive Candles With 1 Year Warranty, Individual CR2032 Battery Packs with Extra 10 Batteries
  • Realistic Effect With Warm Amber Natural Feel Candlelight, Lights Work In Decorative Glass And Holders
  • High Quality Premium Design & Sturdy Build, Bulk Packaging In An Attractive Gift Box
  • Long Lasting (Over 40 Hours), Safe For Children & Pets, Smokeless, & Worry Free
  • Great For Christmas, Valentines Day, Gift, Thanksgiving Party, Camping, Halloween, Romantic Wedding Reception, & Votive Events

Color: Red Glitter

Throw Away Your Candles!

The Only Votive Tealights That You Will Ever Need
– No Dead Lights & Batteries. No Misplaced Strips or Tabs.
– 20 Separate, Individually Packed CR2032 “Always Fresh” Batteries
– BONUS: Extra Pack of 10 CR2032 Spare Batteries
– Realistic Flickering Effect With Warm Amber Feel
– Short Wicks to Suit Easy Placement
– Handcrafted Designer Material & High Quality Build
– Study Box To Hold Your Tealights
– Long Lasting (Over 40 Hours)
– Safe, Smokeless, Flameless & Worry Free
– No Screws, Nuts, and Bolts to Mess with – Easy Brightpik Clip allows Hassle Free Battery Change
– Small Size For Maximum Versatility
– 1 CR2032 Battery for 1 Votive TeaLight For Easy Replacement

Why Brightpik Votive Tealights?
We offer the best quality votive tealights for a warm & intimate experience, always. Our tealights have been constructed for maximum durability and ease of placement – use them in Weddings, Halloween Nights & Outings, Votive Events, Intimate Baths, Meditation & Quiet Time, and many other uses. Worry about dead batteries no more – our quality batteries are freshly packed for your use. You can now enjoy realistic candle flickers safely and instantly.

“Our Word is Your Assurance”
The ONLY LED Votive Tealight with Guarantee – 1 year BrightPik’s No Hassle, No Questions Asked Replacement Guarantee – Each Tealight is Guaranteed To Light.

Now you can have a great enjoyable experience with Brightpik LED Flameless Votive Candles – Click the Buy Button at The Top of This Page Now!